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Camel Tracker Casing 3D Printed

The requirements: Designing and 3D printing a casing for a camel tracker device developed by Maia Systems 

Bright Mind was approached by Maia systems to design and 3D print a casing for their new invention: A camel tracker called Jamalytic.

Maia systems had has developed most of the electronics for their invention at that point, and they wanted to insert their electronics systems in a casing that is both functional and aesthetic. Jamalytic, the camel tracker, is a device placed on camels to track and record their vitals (body temperature, heart rate, hydration), and their location and speeds.  Then, it sends all that information to a mobile app that analyze, correlate, and store this information for each camel. 

At Bright Mind we designed and prototyped a suitable casing for Jamalytic that both serves the desired function and aesthetic requirements:

3D printed electronics casing by Bright Mind- for Jamalyti

Shown in the photo above two designs:

The design on the left side: is two compartments (battery compartment and tracker compartment).  These two compartments are connected by a flexible wire cover 3D printed with TPU (a flexible 3D printing material).  The flexibility of that cover allows bending and stretching applied by the camel movement.  This design has larger battery, and thus longer battery life.

The design on the right side: is a single case that has shorter battery life (due to the smaller battery), but more compact design. 

The 3D printing material choice: 

The camel tracker will be used in Dubai and all over the UAE where the temperatures are high most of the year..  Add to that, the tracker will be exposed to the direct sun rays and harsh environment temperatures.  For these reasons, we decided to 3D print the trackers with PETG plastic as this 3D printing material is know for its good resistance to high temperature, and compatibility with humid environment. To be on the safe side, we also coated the 3D printed casings with protective coating to protect it from the sun's UV rays.

We enjoyed working on this project with Maia systems, and they were kind to share their feedback with us:

Maya systems.png

" Bright Mind did a great job designing and prototyping our products, and helped us produce a more creative result " 

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