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We are Bright Mind, and we love working with creative people on their 3D printing & product design projects

Bright Mind started as a product development company, and then specialized in providing 3D printing and product design services to clients from all over Dubai and the UAE.

About 3D printing

10 years ago, prototyping a product or a design meant having to deal with variety of fabricators and engineers.  Needless to say,  with conventional prototyping methods the costs were high, and the lead time was long.  The high costs and lead time made conventional prototyping and manufacturing methods impractical for today's businesses; Today innovative businesses depend on immediate market and concept testing, which requires rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing methods.

There was a gap between what conventional prototyping methods offered, and what the new market required. That gap created a need for better, cheaper, and faster prototyping methods.  This need for new prototyping methods was answered with an exciting new technology called 3D printing!

3D printing (rapid manufacturing) has opened the door for designers and engineers to prototype and micro-manufacture their ideas.  Prototyping wise; 3D printing made it so much easier converting a 3D computer aided design (CAD) file, into a physical prototype.  3D printers take the 3D design CAD file, slice it into many tiny layers, then print each layer on the top of the other to create the full physical shape.  This is called an additive process, and on the contrary to subtraction processes (like wood CNC) additive processes save time and money, and enjoy the ability to work with more fabrication freedom.  Read more about 3D printing here.     

About Bright Mind

Who are we

Bright Mind 3D is a 3D printing & design company operates in Dubai - UAE.  We started providing our services in product design, 3D printing, and prototyping in 2015.  Since then we serviced +100 different clients from variety of industries; we worked with engineers, researchers, inventors, product designers, interior designers, marketing agencies, and more!  Take a look at some of our work, and read about our clients.

Bright Mind & 3D printing

Bright Mind was one of the first companies to supply 3D printing services in the UAE.  In 2015 we started with one machine and one project, now in 2019 we operate over 15 machines and have worked on hundreds of projects.  We continue to grow and to improve our services everyday.  We believe 3D printing is the future of manufacturing, and that it will continue to open doors for creatives to prototype and test their designs and ideas.  Dubai is a hub for innovators and creatives, and we believe 3D printing will supplement their ability to create, and to give life to their innovative designs.    

Its not just 3D printing!

We love 3D printing, but we can provide you with much more!  Bright Mind operates in Origin Base; a leading maker space in Dubai - UAE.  We collaborate with Origin Base, and with more partners to supply all your project's needs from wood working, to laser cutting, plastic molding, metal work, PCB fabrication and much more!  We also integrate 3D printing with other prototyping technologies to make them more time and cost efficient.

Lets talk.  Give a call, and schedule a meeting

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