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3D printing abstract architectural model

The project: Creating an abstract architectural model for a building that is being built in Oman by a UAE firm

3G Contects, an engineering consultancy company, is managing the construction of a project called Muscat Hills in Oman for Ominvest.  They wanted to gift the CEO of Ominvest an abstract model of the building they are working on, and they approached Bright Mind for this job.

The following photos are renders of the building 3G Contects are working on:

The abstract model 3D printed by Bright Mind:

3D printing technology used to make this model:

Two different 3d printing technologies were used to make this model

1) FDM (fused deposition modeling): The building's body was 3D printed with FDM technology.

Analysis: The body of the building had small amount of details, it did not have significant overhangs, and it had a relatively large volume.  FDM was the right technology for 3d printing the body of the building, because it works well for 3d printing models that do not have much details. Add to that, FDM 3d printing material is relatively cheap (compared to SLA material) making it a more cost effective way to make the body of the building (that has high volume relatively.)

2) SLA (stereo-lithography apparatus): The building's columns were 3D printed with SLA technology. 

Analysis: The columns of the building were filled with details, and with overhung structures.  That made SLA 3D printing the right way to print the columns as SLA 3d printing is great for details, overhangs, and small volume 3d prints.

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