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3D Printing Used to Make Trophies for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

The project: Designing and 3D printing custom made trophies for an event organized by Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi organized an event for its employees, and needed custom made trophies to be distributed in the event.  However, they didn't want to go with the traditional glass printed trophies; they wanted something more modern that would stand out. They knew 3D printing was the new technology that can be used to custom make more dynamic and customized 3D models, therefor, they approached Bright Mind for designing and 3D printing custom made trophies. 

Cleveland Clinic 3D Printed Trophies
Cleveland Clinic 3D Printed Trophies (close up)
Cleveland Clinic 3D Printed Trophies

Advantages of 3D printing in customized trophies

In general, When you are making trophies you want them to have a theme design, and a custom design; the theme design is the design that appears in every trophy, and the custom design is usually the the name of the winner, the name of the trophy, and the category of the trophy.  With traditional methods, these names are either laser engraved or UV printed on the trophies as photos.  With these methods there are a lot if limitations on how dynamic is the 3D nature of the trophy.  With 3D printing however, we can custom design and custom make each trophy with almost no physical limitation on how we want the appearance to be like.

Three advantages of 3D printing when it comes to trophy making:

  1. Truly 3D trophies: unlike certificates, trophies are supposed to be 3D objects.  With 3D printing we can make more features in the trophy three dimensional.  That makes the trophy look less of a paper with photos on it, and more of a real custom made 3D object.

  2. Communicate the brand: When a trophy is 3D printed that means it was probably designed from scratch.  This allows the designer to custom make the trophies' theme in a way that freely communicates the brand and the event's theme. 3D printed trophies stand out as art pieces that fit in the event's designs and brand.

  3. Short lead time: 3D printing is one of the fastest methods to transform a 3D design to a 3D physical model.  You can expect your design to be fabricated in a much shorter lead time when compared to other fabrication methods.

Details about this 3D printing project

In this project we designed and 3D printed 14 trophies custom made for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.  The project went according to the following steps:

1) Discovery: We communicated with the client via Email and Whatsapp to identify their design needs.

2) Concept design:  We provided our client with 4 paper sketches for different trophy designs.  Our client chose heir favorite sketch and provided us with feedback.

3) 3D modeling:  We used 3ds Max to design the trophies' theme as a 3D model.  Then,  we designed the 3D models for each trophy category.  The models were rendered and sent for the client for approval.

4) Feedback & iteration: The client provided us with their feedback on the 3d renders.  We adjusted the trophies' design according to the client's feedback, and created new 3d renders for client approval

5) 3D printing: After the client approved the new 3d renders, we started the process of 3D printing the trophies.  The trophies' pieces were 3d printed with FDM and SLA technologies.

6) Assembly & post processing: The trophies' pieces were post processed, painted, and assembled.

It took only 10 working days for us to move from a sketch to 14 physical custom made trophies.

Its worth noting that all the steps of this project were conducted remotely with our client without the need for any physical meetings.

This was an exciting project with Clevelan Clinics, and we are happy with their feedback:


" I would like to thank Bright Mind design team for their services.  It was a great contribution to the success of our corporate event.  The awards has been very unique in design, and the service throughout the process was excellent"

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