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3D Printing Nefertiti Statue Replica

The requirements: An art & history enthusiast wanted to have an accurate Nefertiti sculpture for her collection.

Bright Mind was approached by an art & history enthusiast for 3D printing an accurate Nefertiti ​sculpture replica.  The best way for 3D printing an accurate replica was to 3D scan the actual sculpture first, then 3D print it.  Luckily, our team found that the actual sculpture of Nefertiti (located in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin - Germany) was already 3D scanned, and the 3D files were available online.  We downloaded the files, converted them to STL format, and then 3D printed the sculpture with PLA (Polylactic acid) plastic.  We chose PLA for its convenient properties for this project: 

  1. PLA has low melting temperature which makes it easier to print.

  2. PLA does not warp much, making it perfect for preserving the sculpture's details.

  3. Unlike PETG, PLA is not very sticky, making it great for the support structure the model will have while printing.

The model was 3D printed with FDM 3D printer, then it was painted with golden color.  However, it was not sanded or post processed further as that was not a part of the project's requirements.

Here is the result:

We were glad to help our client in growing her collection through 3D scanning and 3D printing!  

Our client was kind enough to give us a review on this project:


" Bright Mind did a great job creating and delivering my statuette just the way I wished for, and they did it in a great time frame!  Great production, very diligent, and a friendly team! "

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